PolyCamp Northeast

PolyCamp Northeast was conceived when one of our favorite New England polyamory retreats became increasingly popular and had to start a lottery because it did not have enough space to accommodate everyone who wanted to go. At the same time, two of the organizers attended a large SCA event at a campground and started discussing how much fun it would be to do something like that for polyamorous folks. Other regional poly events were found in the northwest and in the southeast (Center for a New Culture) but there was nothing in the northeast. So, we decided to create it!

One of the organizers had attended summer camps throughout her childhood and missed that experience. Rather than create solely a tent camping event, we decided to recreate a summer camp atmosphere for grown ups.

At PolyCamp Northeast, we support each other in the full spectrum of relationship structures, sexual orientations, and gender identities. This is a space of love, inclusion and acceptance. It is a culture of respect, safety, communication and healthy boundaries. We bring our best selves together to form a community where we can all thrive. Thank you for co-creating this community with us!

2023 will be the seventh year for PolyCamp Northeast. We’re looking forward to 2023!