Here is a list of last years classes/events/discussions to give you an idea of the kinds of things that took place. These were all taught or facilitated by people who came to PolyCamp Northeast.

Title Description
Thai Massage Learn some thai massage by exchanging bodywork with others.
Wear comfortable loose clothing and bring a sheet/blanket/yoga mat.
Board Games A space will be dedicated for playing board games. Training
sessions will be available.
Mindful Meditation This gentle and relaxing session will provide instruction/coaching and discussion of Vipassana or “Insight” mindfulness with a focus on in-session practice. Recommend dressing comfortably and bringing a comfortable chair, blanket, cushion or mat.
Flow Yoga Bring a yoga mat, water and anything else you need to be comfortable (possibly a towel). Vinyasa (flow) yoga marries breath to movement, aligning each inhale with a full movement, and each exhale with the next full movement. This class will accommodate beginners to high-level intermediates. (Levels 1.5, 2 and 2.5.) If you’d like hands-on assistance during your yoga, let me know before the class begins. Expect to get sweaty and experience an energizing, full-body workout that raises circulation, sharpens thinking and relieves tension.
Voice of Conscience Come play a card game called Voice of Conscience. This game of ethical quandaries will put you and your playmates into hypothetical situations where you have to make tough calls. Among others, there is a polyamory-themed deck and a fetish-themed deck for a wide variety of fascinating explorations. Arrive any time and leave any time for a slice of intriguing situations and moral dilemmas.
Rope Bondage An overview of rope bondage, with coverage of safety, signs and symptoms, do’s and don’ts.
Growing-Together Meditation
  1. What spiritual meditation is

  2. Setting for best meditative

  3. Elements of a successful
    spiritual meditation

  4. Actual guided meditation,
    focused on feeling/empathizing with people around you.


Poly? Positively! Loving multiple people at the same time! Having all the advantages of an ethical, monogamous relationship AND additional relationships of any kind with as many people as make sense. Defining (or redesigning) each of your relationships to be a perfect custom fit for what is actually true about the way that you feel about each or all of these people.
In this participatory workshop, based on our real life experiences of what’s great about being a poly triad, we will describe how our embodied NVC-based (ENVC) polyamorous relationship works. We will talk about: the importance of seeing how the language we use to express ourselves has a profound impact on whether we get our needs met, how to stay connected even when we’re triggered and how to do needs-based negotiation so everyone needs are taken into account. This process will reveal the joys that transparency and vulnerability bring to intimate relating when you have the right skills.
We will share how using ENVC as our communication process has supported our relationship. We will invite other polyamorous pods to talk about their successes, and poly-curious individuals and couples to ask questions and pose challenges.
Maxx Group A facilitated set of communication games that create intimacy and build skills such as how to take risks, curiosity and transparency; based on the Morehouse Mark Group model (a 50 year old poly community in CA).
STI Discussion Discussion about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). This class will cover the incubation periods, screening process, methods and likelihood of transmission. We can also have a brainstorming session on how best to approach the topic and discuss STIs with future and current partners
Negotiating Safer Sex Not every intimate relationship involves sex. For those relationships that do, this presentation will remind you how to lovingly and openly discuss your desires and fears with your partner(s) with the goal of crafting agreements that benefit everyone.

To help you towards negotiating those agreements, Rose will be covering the following topics:

Defining negotiation
STI definitions
Types of safer sex (including the Safer Sex Continuum)
Three types of negotiation for safer sex:
with partner, about partner’s behavior with metamours, and renegotiation.
Emotional Security / Safe Emotional Space
Good communication
What are your goals when negotiating safer sex?
Education vs bullying
Feeling honored.
Not just STIs
Toy safety
Negotiating with your doctor
Recording your testing info
Communication resources
Craft time!

Chainmaille A introduction to making butted chainmaille. This class will cover the European 4-in-1 weave. Each person will get to make a small patch of chainmaille to take with them.
Radical Sustainability and the Native American Seventh Generation Concept A lively and candid presentation and discussion on how we can improve the living conditions of our planet for the future.
Volleyball Informal pick-up volleyball game.
Kayak Race Race kayaks on the pond. I’ll muster up a prize for the winner.
Talent Show Sing, dance, tell a story, share a poem, or anything else you’d like to share with everyone. This is a great way to get to know the sometimes hidden talents of your peers.
Dance Party Music and dancing … and partying.
Campfire Songs A gathering around the campfire. Bring an instrument, your voice and/or just come and enjoy.
Body Painting We’re going to have some fun painting each others bodies, faces etc. No requirement to be an artist.



PolyCamp’s activities are a combination of opportunities for learning, connecting, and just enjoying camp. The schedule for the coming year is under development but we expect to have some combination of the following activities:

kayakingFun on the Lake: There is a beautiful, very private swimming lake with a small sandy beach and a fire pit. We also have access to the camp’s canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, mini sailboats, windsurfers, and water-trampoline! Kayak race anyone?


frisbeeFun on the Fields: Whether we organize large team games or a few folks just want to play pick-up games, the camp has facilities for baseball, softball, basketball, field hockey, football, kickball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, hiking/ nature walks, badminton, boche, tennis and platform tennis. We might organize some “campy” games like capture-the-flag or kick-the-can.


boardgamesGames and Talents: Bring your favorite board games and card games to share. Strip CAH is a likely evening activity. We are planning a talent show (bring it!), campfire sing-a-longs, karaoke, and dancing.



outdoor discussion


Discussions and Workshops: We are planning these on a variety of topics depending on what is asked for and offered by those who register for camp.





CoCreation: We are asking everyone who comes to PolyCamp to consider what they have to share with the community.

Can you lead a discussion group on a poly topic?

Lead a presentation?

Teach a craft?

Lead a yoga class?

Do you have a talent for bringing people together in ice breaker games?

Want to lead a sports activity or a board-gaming session?

Can you lead a campfire sing-a-long?

It is not required that you lead an activity but it is strongly encouraged. When you register, you will be prompted to sign up to share your time and talents with this community. A schedule of activities will be created from what is offered.