When is it?   August 10th – 13th 2018

Where is it held?   PolyCamp Northeast will be held at a summer camp in the Lakes Region of NH – just southeast of Lake Winnipesaukee. Because this is a kids’ summer camp and we want to be respectful of the venue’s primary business, we do not want to name it on the website for search engines to pick up. The exact location – along with discussions about camp events and planning – are on the secret Facebook group for this event. To be added to the secret Facebook group or to ask for the event location, please contact the organizers at polycampne@gmail.com.

How much does it cost?   The cost is $225 per person if using a tent or RV, and $250 per person if staying in a cabin or cottage.

When is the registration deadline?  July 20th 2018

What about kids?   We debated long and hard about whether to make this event adults-only or family-friendly. Ultimately, after polling the people who expressed interest in attending, we decided there was not enough interest in having kids here to justify the programming we would need to create to make this a fun experience for them and their families. Plus, there really needs to be a critical-mass of kids for it to be fun. We are open to making this a family-friendly event in the future if there is enough interest to make that transition.

What about pets?   PolyCamp is a human-only event. Please leave nonhuman animals at home. If you must bring a service animal, please contact the organizers to arrange this.

Where can I find the schedule of events?  This is a participant-driven event so the schedule will be built from the skills and ideas that are offered by the attendees each year. For this reason, a firm schedule will be created after registration closes and emailed to registered participants.  All activities are optional. If you just want to eat and swim and lay in the sun, you can do that! A list of previous year activities that were offered is on our Activities and Events page.

Why isn’t my question answered here?  This is because we are not omniscient.  Please email additional questions to us at polycampne@gmail.com.